My Little Engine – at a retreat

I scrubbed and cleaned the engine

Keeping every crevice in mind

With special soap and water

The best of its kind


Then gathered all the bubbles

And blew them into the air

Up and away they floated

Seemingly light yet laden with despair


One by one they burst.

Pop…pop…pop… they sounded

This one is for stress, that for ego

And that for misgivings simply unfounded


The bubbles – now there

And yet not

So big and so true

And then again – not


As for the engine

It has been tuned

The ‘pipes’ are cleaned

And the ‘brakes’ renewed


Gracefully poised

It is raring to go

Past gray mountains 

And valleys aglow


Through time the engine might dull

With every unpleasant exchange

So maybe in a little while

I’ll go back for an oil change


One thought on “My Little Engine – at a retreat

  1. Excellent word choice. I loved the way you described the engine AND the bubbles. That you were able to make it all rhyme is even more impressive.

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