I wondered aloud to a child

What a father meant to him

What images did he conjure

What words came up on whim

“Tall as a mountain!” He cried

Gazing up beyond the skies

A symbol of tall standards?

His thoughts I quietly surmise

“Mighty as the ocean” he screamed

With a twinkle in his eye

An abundance of love and goodness

Isn’t that what his words imply?

“Fierce as the fire,” he roared

Chasing make believe demons away

Didn’t he mean, scorching away misdeeds

The strength in character to convey?

While in careless abandon he bounced

To where playthings whisked him away

I flitted deeper into a realm

Where his words and my thoughts were at play

Isn’t there in all of us a child

Fanciful and yearning for his share

Isn’t there in every man the strength

To pass on a father’s love and care


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