Richness is not valued by how much we have, but by how much we value what we have…



It’s a matter of spirit

Now there is the matter of the matter, and the spirit of the spirit

Our body is a form of matter, or it’s just a matter of form – see it?

But the spirit has in it, a spark seeking a conduit

It spills life as it flows

Form to form, into each entry after exit.

Little notes in silence


Its 7:00am on a Monday morning. I sit down to write my first Slice of Life challenge. I am not a morning person, and yet I am excited – this is a challenge I am taking up with my son – and his class.

There is something to say about being involved in a group effort. If there were two kinds of people in this world, those that work best alone, and those that work best in groups, I am definitely the later. And how rare is it to have an opportunity to take on something with your son?

I have always been nervous about taking up such projects, and I know it is because I want to make this space profound,  smart, and perfect. But today I am allowing myself to be a bit kinder on myself. I remind myself that not every thing beautiful is flawless, perfectly symmetrical, well coordinated, or thought through. So for now, my challenge is to keep it simple, and not be my worst critique.

I am forever scampering to keep up with the news, my to-do lists, emails, texts, thoughts, opinions, conversations… now I will spend a little time listening to my own thoughts. Hearing what I have to say, not to the world, but to myself. Perhaps, not even to myself. Just observing the course my mind takes in that short span of time. Surrendering to the synaptic impulses that some call experience, and others consciousness.

There is a quote, a variant of Charles Debussy’s quote, which says, music is the silence between the notes. I hope to make music. Not a grand composition, but a simple tune of little notes delicately emerging from soft silence. I hope together my son and I will resonate in simple melody.